Un amour

One Love

One love refers to the universal love and respect expressed by all people for all people, regardless of race, creed, or color.

Its all good. One love.
-The Urban Dictionary
“One love, one heart. Let’s get together and feel all right”. Thanks Bob, I’m with ya! I wish we could all come together, spread the love and happiness, and become one.
But when I hear the phrase “One Love”, this is not what necessarily comes to my mind. I think of it as the strongest love, something that cannot be replaced, duplicated, etc.. There is no such thing as one love. There is SO much to love in the world if we took a chance to stop and take a look around us. Although, every love is different.

“What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs.”

I mean, c’mon. You can’t tell me that there is anything but love in those puppy dog eyes. There is nothing stronger than the love of a dog. Their unconditional love, loyalty and companionship provides me with the greatest happiness and brings so much joy to my life.

“How beautiful it is to find a heart that loves you, without asking you for anything, but to be okay.”

  So when I read that the Weekly Photo Challenge was One Love, I couldn’t help but think of my fur babies. Yes, I am a crazy dog mom (and proud of it!). Even though they drive me absolutely nuts, spending half of my time cleaning them, and the other half having to clean up after them, I wouldn’t want to pick up any other dogs’ s***. These pups are my children and I don’t know what I would do without them (maybe sleep a little more??).



“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawaken.”   

These pups are my One Love . What’s yours?

Go kiss your dogs!! Don’t worry, slobber doesn’t stain 😉



3 thoughts on “Un amour

  1. You know when I read “one love” challenge … I thought about my dog too. Enjoy them, just that- and asnwering to your question. I was going to write how does that feel like… cause I dont have my dog she is far now…trying to get her back home and believe me… not having them around is just ….sad. it feels empty so enjoy every single moment with them. Nice writing 😀


    • Oatmeal and Optimism says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. I hope you can enjoy their company again some day, they really do bring so much happiness. I hope my post has inspired you to try and fill that emptiness you are feeling and get your pup back.
      Have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

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