What to Write About in Your First Blog

Here I am, sitting here clueless. Starting this blog without knowing anything about blogging, but being so intrigued and determined to get into this new world and share all of my thoughts with you.

For the past few hours I have been googling, searching for answers and tips on how to start your first blog. That is actually what made me come up with my first post. The last few things that come up on my search engine are “what should you name your blog” and “what to write about in your first blog”. I realized after hours of looking for the right answer, that there really isn’t one. Blogging is an open book and that is what makes it so inviting. There is no right or wrong answer about what to blog about.

I didn’t want my first post to be all like “Hi my name is so and so and I love (fill in the blank) and I am going to write about (fill in the blank).” I am, in no means, “a writer”. My major is Sport Management, I am a college soccer player, I run a horse barn and I own three dogs. I love fitness and health, cooking and working out. I had this deep desire to become a “foodie” or food blogger and that is what sort of sparked this whole blogging idea. I wanted to share all of my food pictures and ideas, connect with other people interested in nutrition and fitness as well. But then again I also want to share things about my life, like how it is to be a college athlete, owning three dogs and running a horse farm.

I also didn’t want to just jump into this new blogging community out of the blue. I was nervous, I didn’t want to make a mistake in what my first blog on the internet would be. Now, sitting here hours later, I know that you just need to jump right in and write! No one wants to read about intentions, which I could go on and on about. So, this is the beginning of a blog about spreading positivity, health, delicious inspiration and of course a little humor.

Here’s to new beginnings and happy blogging!



IMG_3745 [521859].PNG

“Have I gone mad? I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are.”-The Mad Hatter

One thought on “What to Write About in Your First Blog

  1. Jim dukes says:

    You went from clueless to a very detailed outline of what you wanted to explore and share. I’m sure you will reach many interested followers.


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